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Have you got what it takes?


A career as a model can see you experiencing fantastic opportunities around the world. Working with top industry professionals to meeting new individuals from all different backgrounds and potentially generating a good income for yourself.

But before starting out you must be aware of todays modelling on how extremely competitive it can it can be from booking jobs to getting your break in the industry. Success in this industry can only be achieved with a positive attitude, dedication, professionalism, a bit of luck & a good agent by your side. It’s important you build a strong working relationship with your booker as those are the ones who are going to be making endless calls/emails to clients for arranging all the right appointments to get your career going.

As a model you must take pride in yourself, a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise is key. Clients these days want to see that you are looking after yourself, arewell as you will need to maintain a good amount ofenergy for those early starts, late finishes.


Aspiring models looking to join an agency often think that they need to go and approach these ‘model bootcamp’ companies to arrange a professional portfolio, are sometimes tricked into paying thousands of pounds for hotographs what are to know use to the model or agency. During the application process all we require to see are natural, make-up FREE shots taken by a family member or friend from a smart phone.

If successful after the application process the agency will work with you towards building up a strong portfolio, will send you out directly to reputable photographers who work closely with the agency.


It’s important that you make the effort towards attending all of your castings, your booker gives you a regular job interview so it’s your own responsibility to make sure you prepare yourself for the appointment and the client will not fund your to travel to the casting, as they are the ones who are giving you the opportunity to earn an income with their company.

First impressions are crucial, you want to make sure that your first impressions of meeting a new client are good. This means turning up to all your appointments promptly whilst having a positive and professional attitude towards your duties as a model.

The way you present yourself at your castings is also very important, always ask your booker for advice on this as they will advise depending on what city you are in and what client you are casting for.

Communication with the client at a casting is extremely important, as it’s your personality that is coming through and must be shown throughout by all models at individual castings. Clients can sometimes see up to 300 models per casting, so you’ve got to make sure that the client will remember you and that your card won’t get lost amongst the rest they have been given by others attending that same casting.

You are also asked to take along your book, so that the client can look through your latest work and are also asked to hand each client a tailored card to the individual model who is casting. The model card will maintain your tatistics and your strongest images the agency feels should make it onto your model card.

Parents & Guardians

Any model under the age of 18 must have parental consent before submitting their application, before starting their modelling career. It’s important that school studies/further education are not disturbed so communication between home and the agency are vital. Our agents will only book the model on a job having a parent or guardian permission.


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Potential models can drop in without an appointment at the following times.


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