Leo Gattaz for Farfetch x Burberry

Celebrating the arrival of Burberry Outerwear, Farfetch brings perfectly and digitally crafted outerwear to nomadic creatives like Leo.

Farfetch partnered with Threedium and Dress X, bringing expertly crafted outerwear to nomadics in their far-flung places of escape.

Photographer Danny Lowe travelled to Langholm, Scotland, to shoot Leo in the surrounding areas of his home, where he lives off-grid. It’s there he tends to his animals, surfs, plays ukulele and enjoys yoga.

“Freedom means to do what you love. To find freedom, you must know what your passion is and remove all the barriers that impede you from doing it. I always knew my passion was surfing and I’ve been doing it all my life”


Photographer: Danny Lowe

Stylist: Luke Raymond

Casting: Caroline Mauger